RMCC Selling BARF 


All living things do best with fresh food.  Frozen is the next best thing to fresh.  Why not give your pet the best nutrition possible the way nature intended it.  Take the work out of meal planning for your furry friend and the availability challenges.  We will deliver to your door an exceptional quality, complete frozen raw diet.  We focus on nutrition for ourselves and its time to focus on nutrition for our pets.  Both dogs and cats benefit greatly from Raw diet. 

Our dedication to providing others with a highly nutritious alternative to Commercial dry dog food has been coming for a long time.  After experiencing the pain of loss of our furry friends to cancer, liver disease (contributed to by recalled dog food) and even choking to death on kibble, we have dedicated ourselves to better ways to feed our pets.  The last straw, so to speak, occurred when one of our wonderful 7 week old puppies, that had been weaned onto dog food, choked to death on kibble.  Not a day goes by that we don’t think about little Journey and what he could have become.

Having fed our adults raw diet we began to do the same for our puppies.  It was amazing that they took to eating raw better than the dry dog food kibble, or even the canned for that matter.

Doing well feeding a complete diet of Bones and raw food was working for us but it did prove to be challenging to acquire the necessary ingredients.  Our supermarket did the best to accommodate us but there were many availability issues.  It also became a time constraint. 

After countless hours of research we have made the decision to help others, and ourselves, have access to a complete biologically appropriate diet of bones and raw food.  Already finely ground, mixed with the proper fruits and vegetables and in several varieties.  The first we will carry will be Natures Variety.

The last piece of the puzzle was to add delivery right to your door. No more searching out the perfect ingredients and adequate quantities.  Call us up, give us your order and we will deliver the highest quality frozen or freeze dried raw diet to your door.  From our freezer to yours. 

We are bringing in a high quality Biologically Appropriate Raw Food that is carefully and made from USDA Human grade whole meat and bones, no by products, no meals just the whole meat and bones.  These are made from animals that come from the US and are live prior to harvest.  This is a complete diet.  This diet can be fed to your cat if you add meat appropriately.

We will be carrying Nature’s Variety Brand Frozen Raw food.  The safest on the market as the pressure pasteurize to destroy pathogens but keep nutrition in tact.


You may get a shiny coat with a better dry dog food but it will be no where near the sleek intense shine your dog will get with a diet of BARF.  The skin and coat are the last to get nutrition and show the truth of the food being fed.  Our dogs look like they have been dipped in a clear coat!

Food & More Right To Your Door!

We will deliver!

Pregnant Story Fed BARF with an amazing shiny coat

Shiny babies made with BARF

2 Day old very shiny babies made from BARF


Selah, our first entirely created from and fed BARF Diet Boxer. From Conception, during nursing and on to weaning to present, she has been and will always be fed BARF!

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You can’t beat the shine of  a dog fed BARF!!

Our Industrial Freezer keeps everything at -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Lamb 1/2 pound patties defrosting for dinner.

We teach manners such as “Wait”  to help our dogs learn self control.  They are doing a great job of waiting! 

“OK!  EAT!”.

Legend finishing up.

Clearly Satisfied Story after her dinner!

Home made BARF Chicken Breakfast

Legend Eating a Chicken Quarter Raw

Canned Pumpkin, Ground Raw Hamburger and Raw Egg

Raw Chicken Backs, raw egg, raw green beef Tripe and peas

Raw Spinache shreaded, mashed rasberries, Raw Turkey Necks

Canned Herring, Cooked Potatoes, Cooked Brocolli, Dried Cranberries

Raw  Trout, Shreaded Carrots, Blueberries (to be mashed) Raw egg and Healthy Powder.