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Anyone can breed dogs but why not do all you can to breed the healthiest in mind and body?  Education is a big part of our project, for both puppies and people.  All new and veteran owners that adopt one of our box babies can expect to be educated in the proper care, raising and training of a boxer.  No sense sending  a puppy to a less than forever home. 

Health Testing

  1. -OFA Hips

  2. -OFA Elbows

  3. -OFA Thyroid

  4. -Echo Cardiogram

  5. -Holter Monitoring

Ingredients for Greatness

Fed Biologically Appropriate -Raw Food (AKA Biologically Appropriate Food or BARF)


-Socializing with friends and family.

-Rule of 7s

_exposure to many different surfaces and materials 

-Early training to start the puppies off right.


We are committed to both the mental and physical health of all of our dogs.  Our puppy enrichment program sets them up for better mental health to ease them into their transition with you and your family and their new environment. It is our goal to never have one of our babies leave the home we place them in.

After struggling with several of the health problems that boxers tend to be plagued with, it has been our desire to do all we can to help improve the breed that has helped us raise a family.  20 years of boxers have brought such entertainment, joy, encouragement, companionship and laughter to our family of 4.  Rock-zie, our very first boxer, lived to be 12 but suffered from inflammatory bowel disease and Cardio Myopathy.   Leelu, our second boxer, lived to be just shy of 10, in all her comedy she suffered from hypothyroidism and eventually Hemangiosarcoma.  Bohdi, our third boxer, suffered from Hypothyroidism , a plethora of behavioral problems including separation anxiety and aggression (he was a rescue that inspired me to be a professional dog trainer) and eventually passed at 9 years after a horrible trial of liver disease. 

To these prior boxers, we dedicate the pursuit of knowledge to breed, raise and train better boxers.  We pledge to educate any who will listen and most importantly, to anyone hoping to adopt from us. 

The beginning of this adventure starts with Story and Legend.  Story has been health tested and a June 2010 litter is planned.  Legend is getting ready for the show ring.  I am sure you have noticed that our boxers are not cropped.  We highly encourage our puppy adopters to leave the ears natural as there are many benefits to leaving them natural.  It is important to note that a dog’s ear has 400 valuable acupressure points and cropping removes many of them. ( For more info click HERE)

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A picture is worth a thousand words

We are White Boxer Friendly!  White boxers will be sold with a spay/neuter contract.
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