Private Dog Training Instruction


Follow a  Classic Lesson Plan or Have One Tailored for You.  Including but not limited to...Basic Obedience, Peak Performance, Conformation, Canine Behavior Problems, or even train your dog some tricks.

Problem Solving for Just You and Your Dog.

One on One attention.

Go at your own pace. No need to keep up with a set class curriculum.

Greater Training Potential and Improvement

On site or in your own home

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Elaine and her Meremma, Teddy Bear.

Morgan and his Bulldog Dexter took advantage of the Puppy 6 pack.  6 in home lessons designed for puppy development and training.  They have earned Puppy Level I  Congratulations!!

Learn at your own pace with tailored classes just for you and your dog.

Learning to Focus

Learning to Focus

Learning heel position

Learning Down position

Learning Collar Grab

Learning to Come Quick!

Sue and Wilie the Otter Hound

Building a foundation of training without distractions is imperative for better reliability when distractions are introduced.  One on one is always best in the beginning until dog and handler have a clear sense of engaging team work, a clear line of communication for giving and receiving information .  Without engagement, frustration builds, the fun ends and it becomes hard tedious work that is not likely to be repeated often.  Dog training should be fun for both people and dogs so that  practice is not only exuberantly anticipated, it effortlessly becomes daily habit.