Tricks For Treats


Spin/ Other Way

Roll Over



Bang!/ Your Alive (Play Dead)

Shake/ Pound It!

Hula (Jump through a hoop)

Step Up! Off!

Zig Zag (Leg Weave)

Lights (Turn on a light)

Un-Roll The Carpet!

Say Your Prayers

Speak!/ Shush

Go To Bed!

Take It! Drop It!


Back Up!

And More....

If you would like to give your dog more to learn, try trick training.  Tricks are great for indoor play, entertaining for you and your family, helps people friendly dogs socialize more with guests.  Tricks also boost confidence for dogs with low confidence.  As with all training, trick training furthers your relationship with your dog.  Email for more information.

Prerequisite for trick training: Your dog must have good engagement with owner/handler.  Basic obedience skills ( Passing Level 1 or in the very least,Sit, Down, Stay, Loose Leash etc.) Owner should have basic knowledge of touch free training (Marker training)  An obedience refresher or a private lesson to learn marker training can be arranged prior to trick training classes.